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Ekuka Morris commonly known as Mzee Ekuka was born in 1961 in Lira District. Ekuka started his music career in 1974, a few years after dropping out from school. He started off as a solo performer and a thumb pianist but later on, he created his own instrument with which he has travelled to Europe and USA. Ekuka looks forward to polishing his music and having it marketable internationally. Ekuka is married and a father of three children.



Busoga Sounds Xylophone group was established in 1991 in Bugiri District found in Eastern Uganda by Bogere Arafat. Bogere scouted for the 22 members basing on their talent. He also believes discipline is an important aspect in recruiting the artists. The troupe performs traditional music that depicts cultures from Busoga, Bugwere and Bunyoli. Out of performance in different functions, the Troupe is able to sustain itself and pay education fees for the school going members. In the future, the troupe intends to introduce farming as one of its sustainability projects.


Rubanga Ki ngom aye kwo youth group is a 30 members Luo group formed in 1990 by Orach Walter. When translated in to English, Rubanga Ki Ngom means ‘God and Earth is life’. In other words, man’s existence revolves around God and Earth. Orach has a passion of educating the community on health related issues using art. It is this same passion that motivated him to establish an edutainment group. One of their very first performances was when the group was engaged in an awareness campaign against ebola. Group membership is at a minimal fee, however, one needs to have excelled in an interview conducted by the group leader.